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Governing Board

Divyanshu Ganatra

Divyanshu Ganatra is India’s first solo blind pilot, trekker, mountaineer, scuba diver, marathoner, and first blind pillion cyclist to ride from Manali to Khardung La. Oh, he is also a clinical psychologist, two-time entrepreneur, IT guy, public speaker, and our personal favourite, ABBF’s in-house guinea pig. Swearing by the power of sport to build connections, forge relationships, and catalyse change, with an undying reserve of energy, and arguably more than twenty-four hours in his day, Divyanshu leads ABBF’s work from up front.

Nimisha Mehta

Nimisha Mehta is that silent taskmaster, making sure ABBF’s bills are tallied, cheques are cashed, and there is always enough fuel to keep our never-ending calendar running! With an eye for detail, unparalleled patience, and an unmatched foresight for processes and operations, she is the anchor to the ABBF ship striving to keep it compliant. When she isn’t chasing the team down for accounts and juggling the rest of her busy days as a Communication Facilitator at Yellow Brick Road, she can be found rewatching Disney classics or her all-time-favourite, The Sound of Music.

Harish Raichandani

Harish Raichandani, CEO and founder, Potentia, is a business & executive coach who has led his team to support over 350 client organizations over the past decade, directly impacting over 20,000 professionals. He has contributed significantly to business success stories and coached several C-suite executives through strategizing for human capital, elevating business performance, and bringing about a more enabling culture. A catalyst for ABBF since the ideation stage, he exhorts us to give our best. He attempts to ‘walk the talk’ at ABBF by setting a personal example through participation in endurance sports like marathons, triathlons, and long distance cycling. He lives in Hyderabad and Mumbai, and likes to play chess, read, travel, and swim.

Aparna Prabhudesai

Aparna Prabhudesai is an Achievement Coach and a Behavioral Psychologist who facilitates workshops in the corporate and academic space under the banner of her firm Bodhivriksh. In 2016, Aparna, at the age of 47, went on to climb Mount Everest after she was told by doctors that she would never again walk without support. Her story is one of colossal strength, grit, and determination. She also conducts inclusive treks to Everest Base Camp every year, where Persons with Disability and able-bodied individuals participate side by side. Her experiences have shaped her into a positive and inspiring role model for countless people, both with and without disability.

Tanvi Yogesh Shah

Tanvi Yogesh Shah shared the Grammy Award for Best Song Written for Visual Media with A.R. Rahman and Gulzar in the 52nd Grammy Awards for the song Jai Ho, from the movie Slumdog Millionaire. Tanvi is also a social worker and was invited to speak at the TEDxSF conference on Global Health in November 2012. She is actively involved with the Cancer Institute and with the “End Polio” campaign of Rotary International along with Amitabh Bachchan, A. R. Rahman, and Anil Kapoor.

Animesh Samuel

Animesh Samuel is the founder of Light Information Systems Pvt. Ltd. (NLPBots - an AI NLP platform that automates conversations and processes) and a lover of adventure. He enjoys reading, trekking, swimming, and travelling. Animesh strives to ideate and build bridges rather than walls between humans. On the board of ABBF, he does just that... breaking barriers and enriching the lives by working on the abilities of Persons with Disability. He believes that we are all disabled in more ways than one and yet don’t have to compromise this one life we have, in any way, because of that.

Cyrus Boman Shroff

Cyrus Boman Shroff studied Law in Germany. He is a social evangelist and is known for his magnanimity. Cyrus is someone who is always there to lend a helping hand to those in need. He loves everything that life has to offer and lives it king size! For Cyrus, ABBF is a platform for all those who love to live life the way it ought to be lived — full of adventure, excitement, and without any kind of a deterrent.

Sameena Abbas Manasawala

Sameena Abbas Manasawala is a clinical psychologist and heads the Kaveri Gifted Education Center for high ability children. She loves the outdoors and is up for a trek anytime an opportunity shows. A TedTalk speaker and understated powerhouse, Sameena is a huge supporter and fan of ABBF.

Nilesh Pandurang Tarawade

Nilesh Pandurang Tarawade is the owner of Tarawade Transport and Tarawade Clarks Inn. He is a hotelier, social worker, Lions member, and has served as the erstwhile Mayor of Pune. Nilesh believes in ABBF’s cause and has always readily helped the organization meet its transportation needs.

Tushar Balasaheb Zad

Tushar Balasaheb Zad is one of the directors of Zad Hotels Private Limited in Pune, India. He shares ABBF's vision of making our world more inclusive and has been a long-standing supporter of the organization.

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