our vision and mission

ABBF’s sole reason to be is to build an inclusive world for persons with and without disability.
By organising outdoor sports activities, we encourage dialogue and build empathy between persons with and without disability. This interaction educates participants about equal opportunity, enhances their life skills, and brings them closer to employment.

the beginning of a long, rewarding journey. with ABBF’s founder.

At nineteen, Divyanshu Ganatra lost his eyesight to glaucoma. Despite the challenges, he pursued a career as a clinical psychologist and became India’s first blind pilot. Why? Because he simply could not reconcile with what the world was trying to tell him: that the rest of his life would be spent making cane furniture and chalk pieces. And this need to do more, be more, say more was what led to the birth of Adventures Beyond Barriers Foundation (ABBF). An organisation aimed at eradicating the stigma that surrounds disability even today.

In effect, Divyanshu lost his sight, but gained a vision: to promote empathy and inclusivity for all; to create a world where no one is left behind. And that is the very heart of ABBF.

Meet the team that makes the magic happen. every single day.

Head, Finance, Compliance, Legal
After 20+ years of working as an educator, Nimisha Mehta, fondly known as ‘Taai’, joined her brother in starting the Adventures Beyond Barriers Foundation. For the last 10 years, she has served as the head of finance, admin, operations and legal compliance, with short, unofficial stints as Divyanshu’s private shopper and stylist. When she isn’t busy getting all of ABBF’s compliance affairs in order, she also works as a Communication Facilitator at Yellow Brick Road, and rewatching Disney classics or her all-time favourite:
The Sound of Music.
Head, Business Development
Paresh is ABBF’s very own rockstar when it comes to engaging with corporate partners and championing our initiatives. His charm, together with his Zen Master level calm helps him build relationships that last, and navigate the trickiest corporate corridors with enviable ease. After all, he is a honcho at Nasscom, too! Off the clock, Paresh transforms into a globe-trotting adventurer who can also cook up a storm. His culinary escapades are the stuff of legend around here!
Head, Brand and Communication
After 19 years of working as a theatre actor and stage designer, television AD, journalist, creative director, ad agency owner, and the Grinch one Christmas in several suburban Bombay malls, Rishi finally found his calling as the Head - Brand and Communications and Head Chef at ABBF. As a parent to two dogs and one wife (her words not ours), Rishi's naturally inclined to love and protect the ABBF brand with parental ferocity. So if you get our name, logo or colours wrong, he’ll be watching. And when he’s not, he’s busy playing Beatles records. A jack of all trades, and master of fun.
Program Manager, Mumbai
Manoj is our adventure maestro in Mumbai at ABBF. Being a local himself, Manoj shares a deep bond with the passionate folks who flock to our experiences. Whether it’s scouting the perfect spot for our adventures or putting together a tandem cycle before you can say tandem cycle, Manoj’s expertise keeps everything running like clockwork. But there’s more to Manoj than his logistical prowess – he’s a devoted dad, teaching his son Rudra the value of community service and making a difference. Talk about leading by example!
Program Manager, Pune
Prashant Kolhe is perhaps the tallest of the lot at ABBF. But taller than him is the stack of hats he wears. In his interview Prashant said, “Je kaam padel, te karin. (Whatever work you need done, I’ll get it done.)” and he has since stayed true to his word. Perhaps it’s his years of experience running Anubhooti, his own organisation that helps him single-handedly manage and turn every event into a success. No wonder he keeps picking up – and finishing off – work from other departments, too. Prashant has never shied away from work. Oh, and he hasn’t shied away from his air guitaring concerts, either.
Social Media Executive
As the youngest member of the team, Arya is plugged into the latest trends and hashtags. She highlights ABBF’s adventures on social media, bringing our story to life online. Arya also has a fondness for cats, often taking a moment to pet friendly felines she encounters. She brings a lighter touch to ABBF, adding some vibrancy to our work environment.
Admin and Operations Executive
With a solid background in theatre production, Dhiraj has become an essential part of the ABBF team, keeping our accounts in impeccable order. His production skills translate into an uncanny ability to manage paper trails with seamless precision. It is also thanks to Dhiraj that we can all go home every day knowing full well that our reimbursement paperwork is always in good hands. Oh, he also has a unique superpower. He can get documents printed within seconds – even when the closest printer is a mile away. Nobody knows how. Truly, the stealthy hero of our finance department!

And say hello to our governing board, our evangelists, and our advisors.


we've got partners on our journey

Here are just a few of the partners we’ve found on our journey to an equitable, empathetic, open world.

Ab InBev GCC Services India Pvt Ltd
Abbott Healthcare Pvt Ltd
Aditya Birla
Ador Foundation
Americares India Foundation
Apraava Energy
Bajaj Finserv
BDP UGL Global Logistics (India) Pvt Ltd
Braille Without Boarders
Candor Kolkata One Hi-Tech Structures Pvt Ltd
Crowdera Pvt Ltd
Dow Chemical International Pvt. Ltd
ES Venkataraman Trust
Federal Bank
Firefox bikes Ltd
Firmenich Aromatics Production (India) Pvt
Fisher and Paykel
Geberit Plumbing Technology (India) Pvt Ltd
Godrej Group
Gopal Enterprises
Hafele India Pvt Ltd
HERE Solutions India Pvt Ltd
Hinduja Global Solutions Ltd
HSBC Technology, Pune
Investec Capital services (India) Pvt Ltd
JP Morgan
Lans Projects Logistics Pvt. Ltd.
Magna automotive India Pvt Ltd
Mann- Center for Individuals with Special Needs
Morgan Stanley
Mukul Madhav Foundation
Optum Global solutions (India) Pvt. Ltd
Orbis Foundation
Owens Corning (India) Pvt
Rossari Biotech Ltd
Rotary District Welfare Fund
RPG Group
Schneider Electric Infrastructure Ltd
Seaview Developers Pvt Ltd
Shantiniketan Properties Pvt Ltd
Steelcase India Pvt Ltd
TATA AutoComp Systems Ltd
TIAA Global Capabilities Pvt
Tricon Energy India Pvt Ltd

the fine print, and the compliance. all in order.

Legal Name: Adventures Beyond Barriers Foundation

Contact: Divyanshu Ganatra, Founder and Chairman Email Address: divyanshu@abbf.in

Phone: +91 9890993825

Registration: Section 8 Company as on 13 October, 2014


80G Registration No. :AANCA0655PF20211

12A Registration No.: AANCA0655PE20174

FCRA Registration No.: 083930771

CSR Registration No.: CSR00001389

CIN: U74999PN2014NPL152774

Niti Aayog/Darpan No: MH/2018/0195290

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