Adventures Beyond Barriers Foundation (ABBF) is more than a not-for-profit; we are a movement. A movement that breathes life into the dreams of Persons with Disabilities (PwD) through the liberating power of adventure and outdoor sports. Our mission? To dismantle the age-old shackles of social stereotypes and nurture a world rich in openness and empathy. From the adrenaline of marathons to the shared joy of tandem cycling, the freedom of scuba diving, the soaring heights of paragliding, and the challenge of mountaineering, ABBF is a testament to the unyielding human spirit.

so here’s what we do. and how we do it.

Empowering Every Individual – Our Commitment to Inclusion

Our heart beats for every person, regardless of disability or background. ABBF stands as a platform where diversity flourishes and recreation knows no bounds. We’re not just organizing events; we’re crafting experiences where everyone, from all walks of life, finds a safe haven to enjoy and thrive. Our expertise ensures that every interaction between PwDs and able-bodied individuals isn’t just participation – it’s a profound journey of understanding and empathy.

Impact Beyond Boundaries – Sport as a Catalyst for Change

At ABBF, sport is our canvas for painting a world of equality. Our goal is simple yet profound: equal opportunities for PwDs. We’re proud pioneers in the realm of accessible adventure sports in India, having touched nearly 15,000 lives. Our events like the Manali to Khardung La tandem cycling expedition, India’s first open water SCUBA diving and paramotoring events for PwDs, and inclusive climbs to Kilimanjaro, are milestones in our journey towards equality and empathy. The impact? A surge in self-confidence, self-acceptance, societal attitude shifts, and enhanced employment opportunities for PwDs.

Our Unique Strength – Bridging Communities with Expertise

ABBF’s unique selling points are our ability to work across various disabilities and our global outreach. We specialize in orchestrating adventure activities tailored for PwDs, with a focus on safety, inclusivity, and empowerment.

Adventure in Every Step – Our Array of Outdoor Sports

From the tranquil trails of trekking to the peaks of mountaineering, ABBF offers a world where PwDs and able-bodied individuals journey together. Our inclusive treks around Pune are more than just walks; they’re conversations about inclusion and diversity, combating sedentarization of PwDs, and boosting confidence through corporate interactions. Our cycling expeditions, like M2K and Tour of Nilgiris, are celebrations of unity and play. The freedom of SCUBA diving and the thrill of paragliding offer a new perspective on life, demonstrating that there’s no limit to what we can achieve together.

our verticals – a multifaceted approach to true inclusion

for the individual

Celebrating every story of achievement, treating each participant as family, and sensitively catering to the needs of PwDs.

for the corporate

Shattering misconceptions and fostering acceptance through outdoor sports events, ranging from treks to marathons.


Using adventure activities as a powerful tool for inclusion, focusing on data analysis, academic research, and impactful studies.

skill building

Enhancing the confidence and articulation of PwDs through interactive activities, nurturing their talents, and showcasing them to the corporate world.

fueling our mission – the pillars of our finance

Our journey is supported by corporate sponsors, individual donors, and event donors through platforms like Unitedway, Letz change, and various marathons. Each contribution is a step towards changing lives and building a world where ‘impossible’ is just a word.

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