With ABBF, you’re not just participating in activities — you’re helping create a society where your abilities are celebrated, not overlooked. You’re helping create a culture that empowers and includes you at every step. A world where you are never left behind. We are thrilled you are here to share in our vision and be part of a journey towards a more inclusive world. Read on to discover how ABBF can support persons with disabilities in personal growth, adventure and the pursuit of an inclusive world.

How ABBF empowers you as a person with disability

embrace adventure on your terms 

At ABBF, we believe that your disability doesn’t define you – your spirit of adventure does. Whether you’ve dreamed of feeling the rush of wind while paragliding, exploring underwater worlds through scuba diving, or conquering mountain trails, we’re here to make it happen. Our inclusive activities are designed with you in mind, ensuring you can participate safely and confidently.

run alongside corporate leaders

Imagine yourself at the starting line of India’s biggest marathons like the TATA Mumbai Marathon, TCS World 10K, Vedanta Delhi Half Marathon or TATA Steel Kolkata. You are not just a participant but a champion of inclusion. ABBF provides the opportunity for corporate leaders to run alongside you, breaking barriers and changing perceptions with every stride. Your presence in these events sends a powerful message about ability, determination and the importance of inclusion in all aspects of life. 

education without limits 

Aspirations shouldn’t be limited because of a disability. ABBF is committed to helping you access scholarship programs, ensuring that your education doesn’t come to a halt. We believe in nurturing your potential beyond physical activities and supporting your academic and professional growth to help you achieve your aspirations. 

access to devices that will help

ABBF understands the crucial role that prosthetic and orthotic devices play in enhancing mobility and independence. Through our Help A Child Walk Campaign, ABBF has made a significant impact on the lives of hundreds of children. By providing access to orthotic and prosthetic devices, we’ve helped these children take their first steps towards a future full of possibilities. 

changing perceptions

ABBF's initiatives are designed to challenge societal perceptions of disability. By showcasing the capabilities and achievements of persons with disability, we aim to shift public attitudes and promote a more inclusive society. Our events provide a platform for persons with disability to demonstrate their strength, resilience, and potential, inspiring others and fostering empathy and understanding.

join our community

Becoming part of ABBF means joining a vibrant community committed to inclusion and empowerment. You will have access to resources, support, and opportunities to connect with like-minded individuals who understand your journey. Together, we can rewrite the narrative around disability and create a world where no one is left behind.

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