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Volunteering Information

ABBF has been associated with volunteers since 2014, recognizing the significant contribution they can make to the organization’s work and objectives.

If you identify with the causes we promote and believe you can make a difference, sign up!


Volunteering benefits

  • Gain from the exposure/experience of associating with an organization like ABBF.
  • Build new perspectives, and an open mind.
  • Challenge the status quo, and learn value independence by taking initiative.
  • Grow your personal and professional network with us and our activity partners.

While volunteers often make valuable contributions towards the work of ABBF, that volunteers do not replace program staff. Volunteers can only support and assist ABBF staff and wherever possible, train and guide the staff.

Volunteer Work Areas and Tasks

ABBF organizes marquee inclusion promoting outdoor events for individuals. Volunteers are required to help with the following tasks:

  1. Pre event prep – assembling supplies, managing transport, collecting kits, confirming logistic arrangements.
  2. Communication and participant outreach.
  3. Monitoring and helping participants during event.
  4. Collecting data and waiver forms.
  5. Ensuring safety guideline adherence.
  6. Working closely with event lead to wrap up event with feedback collection, re assembling kits and left over supplies.
  1. Data Analysis - Analyze data, create compliance reports, write case studies
  2. Research - Analyze event documentation, Presentation driven research
  3. Comparative analysis of how the cause of inclusion is promoted in India v/s other places
  1. Collate media, sort and label
  2. Help schedule posts and develop content for them
  3. Coordinate between staff, designers and printers.
  4. Help design media strategy
  5. Help create Concept Notes, Brochure, Org Presentation, Newsletter, Press Releases
  6. Help with Template creation, document maintenance and developing orientation content
  7. Record interviews, surveys, feedback and success stories.
  1. Data entry
  2. Help frame policies, set procedures and processes


  • ABBF is the only organization in the world which works across disabilities for the cause of inclusion. We are pioneers in building a institution that sets precedence, and takes up unlikely causes. There are 200 million people with disabilities in India alone and one billion around the world. And yet, it is the least popular and least supported cause.
  • Real and long-lasting change can only be ushered in when all of us come together to make it possible. Inclination towards social responsibility and contribution to sustainable development is fast becoming the mark of distinction for leading corporate and top brands. CSR initiatives facilitate corporate to build a dominant brand that reverberates with their key stakeholders—customers, employees, government and general public.
  • We are 80-G compliant and our FCRA certification is in progress.
  • Help us make this world a better place by collaborating under CSR by promoting Paralympics sports and employment enhancing skills specifically for Persons with Disability.
  • The Disabled can do the same things anyone else does, but differently. Help us shatter the years of neglect, stigma associated with Disability and work towards gainful employment and access.
  • Connect us with your CSR team and become our allies in promoting inclusion.
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