Waterfall Rappelling at Dudhiware with Capco

A full day waterfall rappelling event with inclusive games and activities

15 July 2018

The CAPCO employees reached the starting point very late due to rains and traffic along the way. A cab was arranged for TTI boys and they reached on time. As soon as the employees reached the start point, ie the restaurant we served them Poha and Chai and got them to fill out the consent forms. We informed them that they may not be able to do the activity as our outdoor team said it was unsafe. After breakfast we facilitated some energisers and getting to know you activities. The context was set for the day and orientation done of how to walk with a PWD. Then they were divided into small groups, with one PWD appointed to each group. They all walked in their respective small groups and we told them we would walk to the waterfall and support eachother to do so. The Waterfall Rappelling was not possible as it was declared unsafe to participate in the activity due to the high water level due to monsoons. Although we had done a recce just a week prior, the water level rose significantly on the day of the event.

Once they reached the waterfall rappelling point they saw other groups doing the activity and Vaishak explained to them why we were not going to take the risk. We let them click photos near the waterfall and were vigilant throughout. The high number of ABBF team members definitely made it easier to keep an eye on everybody. After taking photos we took them to an open space nearby where we did some more activities and played some games. We witnessed an accident at the waterfall rappelling site while we were there. The group understood why we were not taking the risk. We walked back after allowing them some more time to take photos. They were all getting along very well with each other and mixing well with the PWDs. Once we reached the start point, it was time to have lunch. They all enjoyed a delicious Maharashtrian meal and then there was a debrief circle. They all shared how much fun they had. One of the PWD sang a song and the whole group enjoyed it.

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