As an ally, you have the power to reshape the landscape of inclusivity in the business world. By partnering with ABBF, you’re not just supporting a cause — you’re pioneering a movement that transforms lives, businesses and communities. We’re thrilled you’re here, ready to elevate your leadership and create lasting change. Read on to discover how aligning with ABBF can enhance your organization, your leadership and your impact on this world.

how becoming a corporate ally with ABBF can elevate your leadership and organization:

elevate your leadership beyond diversity and inclusion

ABBF believes that true leadership goes beyond conventional diversity and inclusion initiatives. By engaging in our experiences, you will develop a deeper understanding of inclusivity that permeates every aspect of your leadership style. Experience firsthand how inclusive leadership can drive innovation, boost employee engagement and foster a culture of empathy and collaboration. 

transform your corporate culture

Imagine your team running alongside persons with disabilities at India’s biggest marathons, or working in tandem during adventure sports. These unique experiences with ABBF will revolutionise your team dynamics, break down barriers and foster genuine connections. Watch your employees transform as they develop enhanced empathy, communication skills and a renewed sense of purpose that they will incorporate into their workplace.

redefine corporate social responsibility

Partnering with ABBF will take your CSR initiatives to new heights. Our programs offer innovative ways like trekking, camping, paragliding, tandem cycling and running to engage with the community. This will create a more meaningful impact that goes beyond traditional charity. From sponsoring adaptive sports equipment to supporting educational scholarships for persons with disabilities, your CSR activities will create life-changing results that will resonate with your stakeholders. 

network with purpose

Through ABBF, you can join a community of forward-thinking corporate leaders committed to driving social change. ABBF events provide unique networking opportunities, connecting you with like-minded executives and potential partners. These relationships can lead to collaborative initiatives that amplify your impact and also open doors to new business opportunities.

join us in shaping an inclusive future

By becoming a corporate ally with ABBF, you're not just supporting a cause - you're pioneering a new standard of business leadership. One that recognizes the immense value and potential in every individual, regardless of ability. Are you ready to elevate your leadership, transform your organization, and make a lasting impact on society? Join us at ABBF. Your journey towards truly inclusive leadership starts here.

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